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NASR ESPORTS PUBGM Team Qualifies to PMGC (World Championships)

The unpredictable world of esports constantly serves narratives of determination, resilience, and formidable comebacks. Standing as a beacon of such perseverance is NASR ESPORTS' PUBG Mobile team, who defied odds to clinch a remarkable well-deserved spot at the PMGC 2023 (WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS). 

When the team assembled for the PMPL Arabia Spring 2023, they were relatively fresh—a mix of familiar faces and some new, brought together under the banner of NASR ESPORTS. With Coach “NighTT” steering the ship, they embarked on this exciting adventure, despite facing significant challenges in preparation. Problems finding good scrims and dealing with persistent ping issues hardly seemed the ideal bootcamp. Yet, the sheer momentum and camaraderie allowed them to rise above, becoming champions of Arabia at PMPL Arabia Spring 2023 against all odds. 

However, triumph often brings its own set of challenges. The pressure of maintaining the champion status weighed heavy on their shoulders. Coupled with personal issues leading to the need for Coach “NighTT” to return to his home country, their performance stuttered, culminating in a disheartening 15th place finish at the MEA Spring Championships. 

The PMPL Arabia Fall 2023 saw the team without a coach, forcing them to introspect and find new ways to improve. The addition of substitute player, Clever, brought fresh energy and perspectives. After struggling in the initial weeks, their unwavering determination enabled a last-ditch effort to seize the 9th position in the League and the PMPL Arabia finals, ensuring qualification to the PMPL MEA Fall finals. 

Recognizing the need for change, NASR ESPORTS underwent a thorough overhaul before the MEA Fall Championships 2023. Under the strategic brilliance of their new coach, Eric “Coruja” De Alcantara, players embraced new roles, adopting innovative tactics that reignited their passion and self-belief. The team started with a shaky first day, memories of past failures threatening to overshadow their current ambitions. But by Day 2, the winds shifted in their favor, resulting in an impressive climb from 12th to 7th place. The momentum continued into Day 3, catapulting them to 4th place. The final day was a testament to their evolution. After a inspiring teamwork session, NASR ESPORTS showcased their brilliance and had a great performance, securing 3rd place and a coveted spot in the PMGC World Championship. 
The stakes in the MEA Fall Championship 2023 were higher than ever. A top-four finish was not just about prestige; it was a golden ticket to the PMGC 2023, set to unfold in the historic countries of Malaysia and Turkey. With a whopping prize pool of 3 Million Dollars on the line, the pressure was palpable. 

From champions to underdogs, and then resurging as top contenders, NASR ESPORTS’ journey is a testament to their undying spirit and the essence of competitive esports. It’s a story that serves as a beacon of hope, illustrating that with determination, teamwork, and the right mentorship, any challenge can be surmounted. With the unwavering support of fans, management, performance team and coaches, they are set to make their mark on the grandest stage of the PUBGM circuit, ready to take on global giants and carve their legacy. Keep your eyes peeled for the unstoppable force of NASR ESPORTS’ PUBGM Team, comprising of J7, Specc, Star, Zenox, with the strategic mastermind, head coach Coruja. See you at PMGC (World Championships) that will start on November 2nd