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Amjad “Angry Bird” Al-Shalabi Nominated as the ‘ESPORTS Controller Player of the Year’.

In esports every once in a while, a player rises above the rest, becoming not just a champion but a symbol of inspiration and resilience. This is the tale of Amjad “Angry Bird” Al-Shalabi, the first MENA player to wear the crown of the Street Fighter 6 World Champion.

Behind the star that many admire today, there were moments of profound introspection. After going through personal challenges, Angry Bird found himself at a crossroads, contemplating whether to continue his journey in the world of gaming. But a burning passion within refused to let him give up. The FGC community recognized his undeniable talent, and his journey had only just begun.

Angry Bird’s rise to stardom in the gaming world began with significant victories at international tournaments EGX in 2018 and Brussels Major in 2019, where he defeated renowned players Akainu and Problem X, respectively. In addition, Angry Bird’s performance in the previous Capcom pro tours solidified his reputation and earned him spots in three consecutive Capcom Cups. His journey to stardom does not stop here his impressive performance at the Capcom Cup IX, where he secured a respectable Top 5 finish. While many would rest on their laurels after achievements like this, for Angry Bird, this was but fuel. He wanted more. His determination bore fruit in August 2023, where he clinched the coveted EVO World Championship title for Street Fighter 6 after defeating Dominican Republic’s talented MenaRD the winner of the last Capcom Cup and has also guaranteed his spot in the Capcom Cup X. Not one to rest, he then stormed to a 2nd place finish at the Gamers8 tournament, narrowly missing out on top honors in a heart-stopping match against Kakeru.

This meteoric rise wasn’t just about titles. Angry Bird’s passion, skill, and dedication led to his nomination for the Esports Controller Player of the Year by Esports Awards. This nomination is not just an accolade; it is an affirmation of his global stature. Such accolades, combined with his recent triumphs at Gamers 8 and EVO 2023, have solidified Angry Bird’s legendary status, cementing his place in history as one of the greatest Street Fighter players of all time.

But Angry Bird’s legacy is not confined to his personal accolades. His contributions to the FGC community, especially within the MENA region and the UAE, are immeasurable. From a young gamer in gaming arcades to a world champion, Angry Bird’s journey is a testament to what discipline, passion, grit, and community support can achieve. His story resonates with many, inspiring the next generation of players to chase their dreams.

From facing personal adversities to clinching the world championship, Angry Bird’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. As he stands on the precipice of adding yet another feather to his cap with the Esports Controller Player Of The Year Award, we look forward with bated breath to more of his electrifying performances.

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