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Abu Dhabi Gaming Honors NASR ESPORTS’ Big Bird and Angry Bird for their Global Achievements

Abu Dhabi Gaming, a government-led initiative aimed at transforming the Emirate of Abu Dhabi into a global gaming hub, recently honored NASR ESPORTS’ champions, Adel “Big Bird” Anouche and Amjad “Angry Bird” Al Shalabi. They are the only current world champions from the region, celebrated for their exceptional achievements in Red Bull Kumite 2023, Evo 2023, Gamers8, and beyond. Adding to the significance of this honor is the fact that both are homegrown talents from Abu Dhabi. The ceremony was held on September 8, 2023, at Pixoul Gaming in Al Qana, Abu Dhabi, where the players received their awards from AD Gaming’s representatives at an invite only ceremony, including government officials, industry stalwarts, brand partners, friends, family and some of the MENA FGC community. 

Both Big Bird and Angry Bird proudly represent the United Arab Emirates, NASR ESPORTS, and the entire MENA region. They are renowned as two of the premier Street Fighter 6 players globally, having earned their reputations in the international arena over the past six years Following their commendation, Big Bird and Angry Bird took a moment to reflect on their incredible journey. From the very streets of Abu Dhabi where their passion was kindled, to the global stage where they now stand as symbols of esports excellence, their narrative is nothing short of inspiring. The duo recounted their earliest days of playing, the countless hours of practice, and the numerous challenges they faced before eventually breaking into the competitive world of esports. Their dedication and hard work paid off, as they not only became world champions but also the first two esports athletes to receive golden visas from the UAE government, further testament to the recognition of their outstanding achievements. 

Angry Bird’s Notable Achievements

  • Evo 2023 Street Fighter 6: Champion. 
  • Gamers8 2023: 2nd Place. 
  • Capcom Cup XI: 5th Place. 
  • NYOIBO Coliseum 2022: 1st Place 
  • CPT 2022 Middle East & World Warrior: 1st Place. 
  • SFV US Pro League Champion ’20 & ’21 with team NASR ESPORTS; MVP of the tournament. 
  • Ultimate Fighting Arena 2018: 1st Place  
  • CPT EU Regional Finals 2018 EGX: 1st Place 
  • Tokyo Game Show 2016: 3rd Place. 

Big Bird’s Notable Achievements

  • Red Bull Kumite 2023 (South Africa): Champion. 
  • Gamers8: 4th Place. 
  • SFV US Pro League Champion ’20 & ’21 with team NASR. 
  • Evo 2019: 2nd Place. 
  • EGX 2019 Open Premier, EU Regional Finals: 1st Place. 
  • SEAM 2018: 1st Place. 
  • Red Bull Kumite 2016 Qualifier: 1st Place 

Representing the UAE, both players have brought significant pride to the nation and the MENA region. Their camaraderie is palpable; they often train and travel together, competing in various tournaments. Their association with NASR ESPORTS spans a fruitful six years from when they were playing as amatures in local tournaments in their university days to signing with NASR and working with the performance and coaching teams to become world beaters. 

The ceremony was more than a mere celebration of their feats. Fans and budding players had the unique opportunity to engage with these gaming legends. Gaming 

setups allowed attendees to challenge both champions. In addition, the highlights of the event were experiencing tantalizing cuisine, refreshing drinks, and a chance to snag exclusive giveaways at the event. 

Angry Bird and Big Bird transcend rivalry. They stand as ambassadors for the MENA region, inspiring countless global players to chase their ambitions. Committed to nurturing the next generation, they’ve initiated regular community events, offering mentorship and coaching to newcomers. We celebrate their accomplishments and eagerly await their future successes. 
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