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Fans Meet the SF6 Champions at VOV Riyadh 

On August 14, 2023, Red Bull and VOV Riyadh hosted a fan event with Street Fighter 6 champions from NASR ESPORTS, ‘Angry Bird’ Alshalabi and ‘Big Bird’ Anouche, at VOV Riyadh. Celebrating their achievements at Gamers8, the duo engaged with fans, sharing insights and playing matches. The event underscored NASR ESPORTS' dedication to the MENA gaming community and the region's growing esports significance.

After the huge success at Gamers8, Red Bull and VOV Riyadh hosted a special event for the fans of Street Fighter 6, the popular fighting game. The event was a meet and greet session with the champions of Street Fighter 6, Amjad ‘Angry Bird’ Alshalabi and Adel ‘Big Bird’ Anouche, who are also part of NASR ESPORTS, one of the leading esports organizations in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey region. 

The event took place on August 14, 2023, from 6 PM to 11 PM, at the front stage of VOV Riyadh. It was a rare opportunity for the fans to meet and interact with the titans of the arena, who had just made history at Gamers8, the world’s biggest esports and gaming festival. Angry Bird and Big Bird had an impressive performance at Gamers8, where Angry Bird came 2nd place, and Big Bird came 4th place respectively. 

It was a day filled with excitement and fun. Angry Bird and Big Bird not only played exhibition matches but witnessed their fans participating in a pop-up tournament, allowing enthusiasts to showcase their skills against the community’s talented pool. The duo shared invaluable tips and tricks on mastering Street Fighter 6, answered eager questions from the audience, and even signed autographs. Fans also had the chance to snap pictures with them and receive exclusive merchandise. Witnessing their icons up close, the attendees gained invaluable insights from their expertise and journey. 

The event was not only a fun and exciting experience for the fans and the players, but also a milestone for the gaming and esports community in Saudi Arabia.  

It was the first of many community meet up events that NASR ESPORTS will be doing to engage with their loyal and passionate fans in the region. They want to share their love and appreciation for fighting games, and to inspire more people to join the fighting games scene. They also want to showcase the potential and talent of the MENA region, and to represent it proudly on the global stage. 

The event received positive feedback from both the fans and the players, who expressed their gratitude and appreciation for each other. It was a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, and a testament to the power of gaming and esports to bring people together, inspire them, and entertain them.