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NASR Claims 3rd in SFL Season 5

Six teams entered the US Pro SFL Season 5, NASR had been at the top of the rankings for the majority of the entire season, and after 15 weeks of intense competition, NASR placed 1st in the league with 8 wins and having only taken 2 losses. NASR progressed into the playoffs as the number one seed, and after displaying some true competitive talent through the regular season, the team was seemingly unstoppable as they moved into the semifinals. A heartbreaking loss, however, in the semifinals (2-1) brought NASR into 3rd Place as CLG went on to face UYU in the grand finals, in which UYU ended up winning 2-0.

With changes made to the formatting and rules systems in place for the Street Fighter League this season, it’s needless to say that some changes to training methods and adaptions to prioritize performance in an amended tournament structure was essential. NASR faced some difficulties adapting in some regards, but still managed to finished 1st in the league, and secured 3rd for season 5.

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