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Angry Bird Places 5th at Capcom Cup IX.

In a face-off between 156 of the current best Street Fighter players to exist, Angry Bird has cemented the Middle East’s gaming talent in the FGC community, and his entitlement to one of the top Street Fighter players in the world.

After dominating the group stage with a clean 5-0 streak against some of the best players in SFV (Mister Crimson, ChrisCCH, DCQ, Travis Styles, and Uriel Velorio), Angry Bird’s relentless determination brought him right through to the semi-finals where he opposed Zhen in an intense battle that got the best of him, and moved on to the losers bracket where he lost to Mister Crimson. See more about the group stage and match results here.

Angry Bird is not a new figure in the Street Fighter pro scene, particularly when it comes to the Capcom Cup series. Having qualified to 5 Capcom Cups in a row, Angry Bird revealed on Twitter his significant and positive progression when it comes to competitive tournaments that he doesn’t plan to bring that to a halt anytime soon. The FGC and Street Fighter community has since shared their thoughts and appreciation towards Angry Bird in the replies, as he continues to display an exceptional level of talent, an inspirational and motivational approach to competitive play, and continues to grow an ever-supportive and dedicated fan base.

Angry Bird further expressed his eagerness to continue proving himself in the Street Fighter scene, as he tweeted “5th place at Capcom Cup good games to Zhen and Crimson. That finishes my journey in SFV see you all in SF6 !!”. We look forward to the innovative gameplay and monumental capabilities of Angry Bird with the release of Street Fighter 6 later this year, and we hope he can continue on his journey of inspiring others and building a supportive community of like-minded gamers.