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MarkTube wins “Gaming Creator of the Year” Award from TikTok, 2022.

NASR ESPORTS’ Mark Tube (@Mark_Tube1 on TikTok) was crowned the #1 ‘Gaming Content Creator of the Year’ for 2022, as he accepted the award from TikTok’s very own For You Party held in Dubai, UAE in December of 2022.

NASR ESPORTS has expressed on social media their heartfelt congratulations to Mark Tube for winning this award. Mark’s dedication, persistence, creativity, and developed understanding for creating engaging content have truly paid off, and we are so proud of him.

Mark has (and always is) striving to push the boundaries of what’s possible with TikTok. His unique content direction, educative perspectives, and clever humor have made him a standout among content creators and a joy to work with.

NASR ESPORTS extends their gratitude to TikTok for not only recognizing Mark’s achievements and for supporting the creative efforts of creators like him, but also for building an extensive digital space where individuals can flourish in creating positive digital experiences with their respective communities and growing an appreciative audience. Hosting an awards ceremony is another driving factor in motivating these creators as well as acknowledging their persistent efforts, and for that NASR ESPORTS is grateful for the opportunities that TikTok provides.

Once again, congratulations to Mark Tube and thank you TikTok for this incredible honor!

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