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NASR Esports tops the rankings at US Pro SFL: Season 4

NASR has made its way to the top of the rankings in Season 4 of Street Fighter League: Pro-Us 2021. After week 15, the last week of the regular season, NASR heads the rankings with an 8-2 record.

The last week of the regular season concluded in an exciting finish making Season 4 one of the most competitive to date. In a competition of ebbs and flows the top 4 teams remained undecided coming into the final week.

Proof of just how close the competition was is reflected in the standings. With NASR at the top, three teams – Vodafone Giants, Panda Global and Nordavind – shared second spot with a 5-5 record.

Here are the final standings for Season 4:



Vodafone Giants

Panda Global





8 – 2

5 – 5

5 – 5

5 – 5

4 – 6

3 – 7