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NASR Red Bull Kumite Watch Party July 2nd 2023

Join Us for the Ultimate Street Fighter 6 Watch Party at Yas Creative Hub Abu Dhabi on July 2nd from 2pm to 2am – Support "The Birds" at Red Bull Kumite 2023!

Announcing Our Watch Party!

Attention, NASR Esports community! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be hosting a Watch Party for the Red Bull Kumite 2023 at the Yas Creative Hub in Abu Dhabi on July 2nd, from 2pm to 2am. This is your chance to watch and cheer for our own champions, “The Birds”, as they compete in this prestigious event​.

About Red Bull Kumite 2023

Red Bull Kumite 2023 is set to take place in Pretoria, South Africa, from July 1st to 2nd. This prestigious fighting game invitational tournament will see the world’s best Street Fighter 6 players clash in electrifying matches.

Meet “The Birds”

Our champions, Angry Bird and Big Bird, are ready to represent NASR Esports at this prestigious invitational tournament.

Amjad Alshalabi, aka Angry Bird, is a 25-year-old professional Street Fighter player from Jordan raised in the UAE. Known in the FGC world for his main Zeku and Ken, Angry Bird has multiple championship wins under his belt​.

Adel Anouche, known as Big Bird, is an Algerian player raised in the UAE. Big Bird was the first player to join NASR and has been representing our team internationally since 2017. With countless placements and wins all over the world, his hunger for more remains high​.

Join Us

We invite you to join us and cheer for “The Birds”! Be part of the excitement, suspense, and camaraderie that can only come from watching our champions in action. Let’s show the world the strength of the NASR Esports community. Get ready to cheer, “Go Birds!”