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Level Up in the Capital: Abu Dhabi’s Thrilling Street Fighter Meet-ups with The Birds

Abu Dhabi's Fighting Game Community thrives, thanks to professional Street Fighter duo, The Birds. They've sparked excitement with a series of unique events, blending Emirati tradition with the adrenaline rush of esports.

The Abu Dhabi Fighting Game Community has been fortunate enough to experience three outstanding meet-up events in recent times. These events were organised by two professional UAE Street Fighter players, known as The Birds.

Street Fighter and Luqaimat

The community was thrilled to be a part of the Street Fighter and Luqaimat meet-up event. This event featured a combination of the classic Emirati dish, Luqaimat, and endless hours of competitive Street Fighter gameplay.

Street Fighter 6 Beta launch meetup

Street Fighter 6 Launch Meetup Event Abu Dhabi

Another exciting event was the Street Fighter 6 Beta Launch Meetup, where players got to test out the upcoming iteration of this popular fighting game franchise. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the newest game in the series, and this event only added to the excitement.

Street Fighter 6 Launch Meetup

Last but certainly not least, Street Fighter fans in Abu Dhabi had the pleasure of attending the Street Fighter 6 Launch Meetup. This was an unforgettable launch event, as players celebrated the release of Street Fighter 6, the latest addition to the franchise.

About The Birds

The Birds, consisting of Amjad Alshalabi (also known as Angry Bird) and Adel (colloquially known as Big Bird), are two professional Street Fighter players representing team Nasr Esports based in UAE. Angry Bird is known for his Zeku and Ken playstyles and has won multiple championships. Adel, on the other hand, is an Algerian player who was raised in UAE and is the first player to join Nasr. His hunger for more wins and placements in SF5 remains unwavering.

Overall, the FGC community in Abu Dhabi is grateful for the incredible work put in by The Birds, as they continue to organise and create memorable meet-up events for all Street Fighter fans to enjoy. We look forward to attending more of such amazing events in the future.