Quick Bio

Hussein Shrara known as Valanino, Valantino started playing Rainbow 6 Siege on PS4 late 2015 when the game got released, through his career on ps4 he was known as 1 of the best players to play this game, he won multiple GO4 tournaments on ps4 hosted by ESL and came 2nd place in the Major League season 2 as well.
Mid 2019, he decided to move to PC because the scene is bigger and his chances to be more competitive are higher, when he moved he got signed by oshtekk warriors after few months from switching and won the CSL with them. Then he got signed by NASR and won the last 4 regional tournaments for the team.
Valantino is one of the best players to entry frag not only in this region, but he is known internationally as well.

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