NASR ESPORTS announces official partnership with TikTok

NASR Esports, which replaced the former Royal Youth, announced its collaboration with TikTok, one of today’s popular social media platforms. NASR Esports is an organization that has entered Turkish esports as of 2021. He bought the naming rights of Royal Youth and started appearing on the stage. Competing in VFŞL, the team advanced to the quarter-finals in the 2021 Winter Season, losing to 1907 Fenerbahçe Espor in the quarter-finals. In the Summer Season, he managed to reach the final, but lost to Galatasaray Esports in the final. The successful organization, which played TBF in its first year, will undertake greater works in the future.

Announcing its collaboration with Under Armor, a clothing brand recently, the team announced its official partnership with TikTok on October 13.

NASR Esports has recently started releasing content via TikTok. The team, which has content such as interviews with the players and entertaining questions and answers, introduced the platform as its official sponsor. TikTok, whose monthly usage numbers reach billions, opens a great opportunity for both the team and to make Turkish esports more known.

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