Nasr Esports

NASR Ignite, the female Valorant team from NASR ESPORTS Dominates Al Majd Levant and NA league. 

The NASR Ignite team, consisting of JustPurii, Nana, Zaina, Nami, Looxie, Safia, Martii and coached by Maski, has proven to be unstoppable in the Al Majd league, a regional tournament for female Valorant players in the Levant and North Africa, organized by Riot Games & Calyx. The team finished series 1 in May 2023 with a perfect 7-0 record and repeated the feat in series 2 in July 2023 with a 6-0 record, qualifying for the LAN grand finals in KSA at Gamers 8, where they finished Second.

This achievement is even more impressive considering that NASR Ignite narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Game Changers EMEA Contenders in the first split. The team did not let this setback discourage them, but instead made some improvements to their roster and their strategies and came back stronger than ever in the second split. They showed great teamwork, coordination, and individual skill throughout the tournament, and earned their spot among the best female Valorant teams in the region.

NASR Ignite is not only a successful esports team, but also an inspiration for young female gamers in the Arab world. The team follows the philosophy that NASR ESPORTS started with MARY in 2019, when she became the first female player to join an esports team in the region. MARY is a Bahraini player who began playing professionally at 13, and quickly rose to fame with her impressive performances and personality. She joined NASR ESPORTS and became a role model for many aspiring female gamers who wanted to pursue their passion and dreams. MARY is currently playing for G2 Esports under G2 Gozen and won the world championship with them.

NASR ESPORTS is proud of its Ignite roster and supports them in their journey to become the best players that they can be. The team hopes to inspire more girls and women to join the esports scene and to show that gender is not a barrier to success. NASR ESPORTS believes that female gamers in the region have a lot of potential and talent and that they deserve more recognition and opportunities in the industry. NASR ESPORTS is committed to empowering female gamers, and to creating a positive and inclusive environment for them.

Congratulations to NASR Ignite for their amazing performance in the Al Majd league, and we wish them all the best for their future endeavours!