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eSports has been a constant topic of interest at the Olympics committee and for this year’s game, they have chosen League of Legends to be the preferred title at the Asian Games 2018 which will happen in Jakarta, Indonesia from the 18th of August till the 2nd of September 2018.

Part of the road to Jakarta, certain qualifiers have been put in place to make sure that top nations and teams make it to the final round. Saudi Arabia, being a big player in the Middle East’s esports market called upon Nasr eSports top League of Legends players to represent their nation in those qualifiers. Nawaf Salim otherwise known as MIMIC and Ajwad Wazzan also known as Ajwad are amongst those players who will join the rest of their squad to represent Saudi Arabia.

Some of Asia’s best teams will be present at the event however from the Middle East, Saudi will be joining Iran and Syria who managed to be ready with a full roster and only one of the 3 will qualify to the final event.

On June 11th, each of these teams played 4 games which saw Saudi Arabia and Iran on top of the group tied while Syria had to end their journey early. During the tiebreaker, Saudi Arabia managed to get the win over Iran hence securing a spot with the other 7 teams at the Asian Games 2018.

Our midlaner, Mimic and jungler Ajwad both face a hard road ahead as they face some of the strongest players in the world who play similar roles such as Ruler from Korea, Uzi from China and Betty from Taiwan. As for the rest of the Saudi Arabia squad, the hardest battle will be when they face the best player in the world and 3 times world champion FAKER from the Korean team.

Nasr eSports would like to wish the best of luck to their players and to the entire Saudi Arabian team during the journey to Indonesia. This is a great step forward for eSports in the Middle East and Nasr eSports will continue to support all players alike to achieve greatness on the biggest stages in the world.