Nasr Esports

First WePlay Dragon Temple Tournament: Tekken Master is Champion! 

NASR is proud to announce that our very own Sayed “Tekken Master” Hashim Ahmed from Bahrain has won the inaugural WePlay Dragon Temple tournament.

WePlay Dragon Temple is an invitation-only Mortal Kombat 11 tournament for 14 of the world’s best MK11 players. Tekken Master took on the world’s elite gamers and emerged worthy champion dominating the opposition.

Tekken came into the final day of the competition without having faced defat in the upper bracket with comprehensive wins over Hayatei (3-0) and Konqueror (3-1), before beating Foxy Grampa (3-1) in the winner’s finals. His best was yet to come, and it did in the grand finals where he decimated Foxy Grampa (3-0).

Tekken Master true class was on display in the grand finals where he used Jacqui Briggs to overcome Foxy Grampa’s Sub-Zero. In addition to becoming the very first WePlay Dragon Temple winner, Tekken takes home a US$ 24,000 prize purse.

Tekken Master entered the tournament as a favourite and was largely expected to win. The ease and skill, however, with which he overcame the competition was remarkable. Congratulations to the newly crowned champion and here’s looking forward to more Tekken Master(y)!